Fashion & Costume Design in Quarter Scale
by Don McCunn

CAD Files

The patterns in the CAD files are stored in rectangular boxes 8" by 10-1/2" (20.3 by 26.7 cm). This ensures the accuracy of the size of the patterns and allows them to be printed on standard copy paper. This means that for a given Mini-Me several files can be required.

  • Upper Torso
  • Lower Torso
  • Stand for the Basic Mini-Me
  • Bra Form
  • Master Pattern for the Upper Torso
  • Master Pattern for the Lower Torso

These individual files are stored in a single ZIP folder for a specific Mini-Me that can be downloaded from the table below. When you select one, the ZIP folder will be sent to the download folder on your computer. This ZIP folder can then be moved to any location on your computer.

Select a Mini-Me Folder

Ready-to-Wear Studio3 Ready-to-Wear DXF Ready-to-Wear SVG
Vogue-14 Vogue-14 Vogue-14
Tyler Tyler Tyler
Female Studio3 Female DXF Female SVG
Alex Alex Alex
Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie
Christina Christina Christina
Erin Erin Erin
Fallon Fallon Fallon
Jain Jain Jain
Jenifer Jenifer Jenifer
Leah Leah Leah
Masha Masha Masha
Olga Olga Olga
Ruby Ruby Ruby
Sharon Sharon Sharon
Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa
Appendages, etc. Appendages, etc. Appendages, etc.
Male Studio3 Male DXF Male SVG
Cody Cody Cody
Logan Logan Logan
Marcus Marcus Marcus
Half Scale Studio3 Half Scale DXF Half Scale SVG
Half Scale Legs Half Scale Legs Half Scale Legs
Half Scale PGM-8 Half Scale PGM-8 Half Scale PGM-8
Half Scale Alex Half Scale Alex Half Scale Alex
Half Scale Masha Half Scale Masha Half Scale Masha

Once the ZIP folder is on your computer, it works the same as a regular file folder. To access an individual file, click on the ZIP folder. The specific file can then be opened.

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