Fashion & Costume Design in Quarter Scale
by Don McCunn

Fashion & Costume Design in Quarter Scale illustrates the vital differences between custom-fit bespoke patterns and ready-to-wear. Instructions and patterns are provided for making quarter-scale dress forms (Mini-Mes) for 18 different bodies including a PGM commercial dress form, one from a Vogue pattern fitting shell, 13 women, 2 men, and a 10 year old boy. These Mini-Mes allow designs to be protoyped in quarter scale with fabric. It introduces an original approach for creating a Mini-Me for any body by tracing quarter-scale photographs. Techniques are included for changing the Mini-Me patterns into limitless designs. It also introduces the concept of using CAD to create quarter-scale prototypes.

Perfect Bound Paperback: US $39.95
    ISBN: 978-0-932538-28-4
Case Laminated Hardback: US $55.95
    ISBN: 978-0-932538-29-1
8-1/4" x 10-3/4" (27.3 x 21 cm), 224 pages
In 2020 when the pandemic restricted in-person runway shows, the House of Dior used scaled down mannequins to display their haute couture designs for their Autumn/Winter Collection. In this video you will be taken on a unique visit inside the Dior workroom and see an amazing mythical "runway" sequence. A truly inspiring use of quarter-scale prototyping.

Some of the advantages of working in quarter scale include:

  • Minimal workspace is required.
  • Prototyping designs saves time and money.
  • Patterns can be displayed at their actual size on a desktop computer monitor.
  • Patterns can be printed on standard-size copy paper.
  • Pattern design and construction techniques can be tried more easily.
  • Different combinations of fabric can be explored more economically.
  • Working in scale can reduce or eliminate anxiety about making mistakes.
  • Yardage can be calculated accurately.
  • Designs can be evaluated to determine whether they are appropriate for ready-to-wear (RTW).
  • Quarter scale designs can be photographed on a table instead of a trip to the studio.
  • Anonymous photos on a client's Mini-Me does not violate privacy rights.
  • Permanent three-dimensional versions of designs can be conveniently displayed.
  • Use a desktop print and cut system for a complete CAD/CAM cycle.
The patterns in the book are available on this website for free as a Ready-to-Print PDF file as well as DXF, SVG, and Studio CAD files. The Studio files are the format used for the Silhouette print and cut equipment which can be used to prototype design ideas using a CAD/CAM cycle.

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