Fashion & Costume Design in Quarter Scale
by Don McCunn

Making a Mini-Me

Mini-Mes are quarter-scale dress forms that are the shape of specific individuals. They are made from patterns cut from poster board that are taped together to create the three-dimensional shape.

They can be made in a number of different configurations that include an Upper and Lower Torso Form joined at the waist. The Basic Mini-Me is similar to a commercial dress form in that the shape of the bust is minimized.

These Basic Mini-Mes can be made with a waist-to-floor Lower Torso that does not require a stand. When the Lower Torso is shorter, either a wood or lamp part stand is used to bring the waist up to an appropriate waist-to-floor level. The Mini-Mes can include a knit cover. The Mini-Mes can also be made with legs and/or a Bra Form showing the contours of the breasts.

Alex and Mini-Me Mini-Me Variations

Tools and Supplies

In addition to access to a printer you will need the following.

Poster Board
Poster Board
Self-Adhesive Paper
8-1/2" x 11"
self-adhesive paper
such as Avery's
15265 or 8165.
Scotch Tape
Scotch Tape
Double Sided Tape
Double Sided Tape

Pages from the Book & Measurements

The following two extracts are PDF files that are pages from the book. The first PDF file includes five pages from the book that show how to make a Basic Mini-Me Form. Use the Waist-to-Floor Form for this example. The instructions show a 1/2" punch used to create holes for a Mini-Me stand. The instructions for making stands are not included for this example so the holes are not necessary.

The second PDF file includes patterns that are necessary to make the Mini-Mes including seven different Mini-Mes. Five of these patterns are for real people including two women, one man, and a ten year old boy. The measurements indicated below are for making a Waist-to-Floor Form for these Mini-Mes. Two additional patterns are for a Mini-Me of a commercial PGM dress form and a Mini-Me derived from a Vogue Pattern fitting shell. These do not have a specific waist-to-floor length so use either the dimensions for Alex or Olga.


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