Fashion & Costume Design in Quarter Scale
by Don McCunn

An Overview of the Book

The following topics are covered in Fashion & Costume Design in Quarter Scale.

Body Shapes & Fitting Issues

This section compares the RTW standard represented by the PGM dress form used in the ready-to-wear industry to the actual shape, size and posture of thirteen different models who are within 2" (5 cm) of the bust, waist, and hips of the PGM size 8 dress form.

Shoulder Variations

Quarter-Scale Applications

This section offers examples of how McCunn has used quarter-scale and half-scale prototypes for creating fashion and costume designs.

Wedding Dress Alien

Creating Quarter Scale Mini-Mes

Quarter-scale dress forms, referred to as Mini-Mes, can be created from poster board and tape in different configurations.

Mini-Me Variations

Custom Mini-Me Patterns

Custom Mini-Mes can be made for any body shape and size. The underlying concept for this new approach introduced in this book is that measurements show how much fabric is required to cover a body but do not reveal the body's contours. Photographs show the contours of a body but not how much fabric is needed. By combining measurements and photographs, bespoke patterns can be created.

Custom Mini-Mes

Designing Garments

This section describes the principles of design and the techniques of pattern making by altering Master Patterns.

Designing Garments

Computer Aided Design

With the advent of desktop print and cut technology, it is now possible to prototype designs in quarter scale using this equipment.

Print and Cut Equipment
Portrait 3 print and cut machine

The patterns included in this book are available for free as a PDF file and CAD files including: Studio, DXF, & SVG formats. The Studio files are for the Portrait (shown above) and Cameo print and cut equipment.

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