Fashion & Costume Design in Quarter Scale
by Don McCunn


"Fashion Design in Quarter Scale is more than a pattern drafting book, although it does that quite well. This book contains a lot of information not found in other books such as the best alteration for a giant belly, sway back and dart manipulation. The author has written from a half century of experience, presenting the information in an easy to follow accessible manner. One special surprise was step by step photos for making your own shoe pattern. I loved this book."

Sandra Betzina
Host of Sew Perfect on HGTV
Author of Power Sewing books: Fabric Savvy and Fast Fit
Designer of Vogue's Today's Fit Patterns & Sewing Columnist

"A must have for anyone who sews, Don McCunn has developed a unique process for designing and fitting custom designs for any figure using the quarter scale Mini-Me. The book includes easy-to-read directions for making a Mini-Me that duplicates a specific individual figure, how to fit the Mini-Me and use it to develop a full-scale Master Pattern, and create unique designs that fit."

Claire Shaeffer
Author of more than 20 books and videos
Professional Sewing and Design Lifetime Achievement Award (2003)
American Sewing Guild Sewing Hall of Fame (2012)

""What an amazing body of work Fashion & Costume Design in Quarter Scale represents."

Susan Khalje
Contributing Editor Threads Magazine
Couture Sewing Expert

"I was excited to learn about quarter-scale dress forms called Mini Mes and was eager to try making one. Since I'd been using a print-and-cut machine for art projects, I decided to use it to cut the pattern out of poster board. The instructions in Fashion & Costume Design in Quarter Scale were so clear and there were lots of photos to guide me. So easy I was finished in no time!"

Juanita Lanaux
Director Tech Support
Pikes Peak Library District

"I am very much in exploring and researching books about the subjects I am interested in and what you delivered is really outstanding. I am not aware of anything else which tackles the subjects you have chosen, let alone the depth of detail and exploration you provided. I think you have created something really outstanding here."


"I learned to sew at a young age, making mostly garments for myself and for friends. I decided to learn flat pattern drafting this year because I was tired of the many alterations I need to make to commercial and indie patterns in order to make them fit. I have watched every pattern drafting class on Craftsy, and purchased every book on pattern drafting and fitting there is. Your book, Don, was the only one that delivered the goods. There are books that teach garment fitting, and books mostly geared for the industry that teach drafting, but only yours contains enough information on both subjects to result in garments that fit."

Brenda Dayne
Host of "Cast On: a podcast for knitters"


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